Easiest way to get hold of me? that form right there. I am reachable by any number of social guises (see the  links above) as well as by phone but as the reception in my office is weaker than Huddersfield Student Union's Carling then you are best off using the form or emailing me (if only to arrange a phonecall).

Have to add in here mind, as of now, 22nd May 2014 I am no longer available on Mondays and Tuesdays (daytime at least). So if you are trying to get hold of me then, an answer may not quite be as quick as it could be. That said I am looking for a company to work with on a regular basis be it weekly or bi-weekly to really expand on some projects. If you think that's something you need help with then get in touch.

New Note: It's now Feb 2016 and I'm taking my contact form off as I'm booked solid for the time being (as my poorly updated site may tell you, I really should update the portfolio). I've taken on a project that should have me booked for the next 6-12 months or so so I'll be unable to take on anymore large projects for the time being. If you do however have any jobs that you'd like me to look into for a future date (or you consider them small, posters, illustrations etc I'm always interested in hearing about) then don't hesitate to get in touch. Email to jonny @ piggbydesign.co.uk (without the spaces).

Cheers for now

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