I am all about design. What I do is solve problems, to me that's what my role is all about. You have a message, a service, a product and it is my job to work out how best to take what you want to say and put it out there. Design is so much more than about how something looks, it's base aesthetics. When taking into consideration how you wish to project yourself, having something that you've seen that 'looks good' on someone elses work isn't going to cut it. Everything from font choice and size to colour theory must be right for your brand. What I do is is take your message and create your work, be it website, graphic design or full new re-brand and logo design etc, and make it relevant and stand out amongst the crowd. What I don't do is copy someone else work because that's what you want. If you want that, then there's a whole world of graphic design frauds out there to utilise, seriously, ten a penny.

I've broken down my main services for a fuller explanation, have a read. I'll post some articles based on new encounters I have throughout, the best/most relevant will be linked below soon.



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