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People check online for services they need. If someone hears about you be it by flyer, advert or word of mouth, they will want to check your site for further information. Make sure you have one, and make sure it’s all it can be. If it looks dull and unprofessional it’ll be ignored and the back button will be pressed for the next on the search list. That’s a fact. You may have the best product at the best price, but you need to have the right look.

I’ve come from a print design background however my skills have evolved so that I am now well up to date on most web developing techniques , to throw a few acronyms and other words at you PHP, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Actionscript and of course I have a good understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). All this means is I have the knowledge to create a fully functioning, interactive web presence for you that is not only running to suit every browser, but it also looks good.

A quick mention now is that most of the sites that I have built lately have been CMS (Content Management Systems), this means that you, the site owner have much more control over the content. You can log in online and change the text/images as and when you see fit. The benefits of CMS over static HTML are the control over content, say you see something you’ve decided you don’t like anymore, you can now change it without having to get in touch with anyone and wait while they do it and bill you. The fact that you can change your content keeping it fresh and up to date can only help with SEO.

Just as an extra note, I hate template, off the shelf sites that you can download anywhere. If you are thinking about this please don’t. Bespoke is the only way to go to send the right message and make the right impression

Along your with your HTML site I offer the following:

Contact forms | Flash Animations | Static Banners | Jquery Sliders | Image Galleries | RSS Feeds | Email Accounts | Control Panel Access (for stats, email accounts, autoresponders etc). I can also help with setting up your Wordpress Blog, Google Places/Analytics as well as Facebook Pages, Google+ etc, so you have no excuse for not having a full online presence.


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