A VJ (Visual Jockey) plays visuals the way a DJ plays music. A simple definition for a complicated task. A good VJ (I include myself here) plays all their sets live, adding visuals to fit the music. Applications for this service include club nights, launch parties (think of all that repetitive animated logo action), events, festivals. Make your next public event stand out from the crowd.

Whether it's using your own images and photographs or using your ideas and my mind the end results are limitless.

Now if I had my way it would always be live. Having the music and the visuals sync adds to any event, blindling trying to match with generic animations whilst still effective is not my peferred method. However, this is not always practical or even possible. So with a few branded animations, some product/subject information of offers and you have more than just a slideshow to intergrate with your event.

I have Vj'd up and down the country for various genres of music and am the resident for 4 People Not Profit, social justice awareness group.

I will sort some decent examples and post thgem to my you tube page in good time, bit hard to work a video camera while doing it...

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