So, the heart of the matter then. You've either read enough of my articles and words and fancy seeing if I not only practice what I preach but whether am actually any good. I've always struggled with not only how to present my work but also what to present. You may have read my article The Big Portfolio Con about the subject of graphic design portfolios (if not, give it a quick read, go on, I'll wait) in which I point out some things to watch out for when being wowed by some ones body of work. So having wrote that I decided to rework my portfolio. Not only have a I stripped it back a bit I've really tried to photograph the printed work, show you it in a real world application. I  love the look of the designs done as art as everything is crisp and just as you want it, but truth is it's easy to show what you wanted to do and not what was actually done, as well as work that you'd like everyone to think you had done but was just in fact concept. 

I've broken the list up as you see below so I could showcase it easier for you with three of my clients getting their own section (as they have the most (and varied) work and deserve their own place, with the rest split into products.

  • slimming solutions portfolio
  • SlimmingSolutions
  • Slimming Solutions is an online store selling a wide range of products to aid weight management from diet pills and patches through magic underwear and body wraps. Read more >>
  • 4-people-not-profit-portfolio.png
  • 4PeopleNotProfit
  • Visual and creative lead is my offical title with the Saltburn based social awareness group now that we have taken the next step in progressing further with our aim of bringing awareness of various world wide and local causes. Read more >>
  • tyneside-tshirts-portfolio.png
  • TynesideT-shirts
  • I've worked with Tyneside T-shirts the longest of all my clients and have seen the brand develop nicely in that time as well as a wide range of products with varying techniques needed. Read more >>
  • business-cards-portfolio.png
  • BusinessCards
  • Here is some of the more interesting business cards that I've done over the years,  I've gone a bit print nerd and added the print method for each one here as I think it's interesting, not all good print has to be bog standard CMYK. Read more >>
  • flyers-portfolio.png
  • flyers
  • A small selection of some flyers that I've worked on including a cheeky little tray number that I really enjoyed doing and would love to do something similar again. Read more >>
  • logos-portfolio.png
  • logos
  • A small selection of some logos that I've worked on that don't really otherwise get a big mention in the rest of the portfolio but I feel should at least get a spot here (including the place where I cut my teeth). Read more >>
  • illustration-portfolio.png
  • illustration
  • So, this section, it's really about me flexing my creative muscles and showing off, that's it. Read more >>
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