clothing sketchLooking to uniform your staff?

Celebrating a Saint's day, birthday, stag or hen party?

Want your team or group to stand out?

Got something random that you want doing?

You name it I have a solution for it.

There is no better way of making it easier for your clients to identify who it is they need while on your premises than having branded clothing. From embroidered logos on the breast to full colour image use all over T-shirts and trousers and branded hi-vis wear, I will have a solution that will be perfect for your how you wish to project your firm.

Is your team after a custom look, names on shirts, team crests adding. Training wear to strips custom made to your colours and style requirements. Having that uniform to your team hands you the psychological edge over your competitors, you look professional so the first impressions is you are.

It also helps that you'll look good.

We've all seen stag and hen dos as they march around town on the last night of freedom, some dressed as 70's pimps, babies and, school girls, but many now going with the 'tour T-shirt'. Want ridiculous images, phrases, ideas for themes, I'm your man. On top of the party goers wear, there is also the one-off present to take into consider. Newborn in the family? Milestone birthday? Or simply just found that pic of Uncle Bob dressed as Frankenfurter and reckon it'll looked great at the next family barbecue. I can take your image and if necessary optimise and place it on most garments.


If you're having a festival, jumble sale, garden fete or anything in which a large group of workers/volunteers will be mixing with the public having them stand out for help and (thinking evil) marketing purposes is a must. The opportunities and product ranges are endless and are there to be explored, gone are the days where you have to put up with a shoddy line text, techniques and styles are ever evolving so these are exciting times

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