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school againWell then, here's a turn up for the books, some procrastination that has actuallly some benefit. Instead of doing my accounts, updating my portfolio or going out and looking for some contract work I decided to do some work related reading. So, I followed a link I previously sent myself whilst more procrastiantion was taking place in the form of dicking around on twitter. Actually, here it is: . I'm always on the lookout for things that can help me expand and grow as both a designer and general person, I love to learn. So what better way than a few new skills in the coding department. After a quick glance through the options I've settled on the School of Webcraft, why? Well at first glance it seems that it's going to cover a wide range of topics from the stuff I already know to the stuff I leave alone. It's peer to peer, community growing teaching and learning, I love it already. I use the Silverstripe framework for building most sites these days and I find their suppport community awesome, the idea of everyone teaching eveyone else with no agenda is a good a positive message in this day and age. Lastly, it's free and open source. Now please do not mistake this for me being a cheap old tightwad, for this is not (the whole) case. Yes a period of belt tightening has swept the lands but what I really don't approve of is those that have getting more for doing little. Relative case in point (tho I wil offer no names) is an online course I paid for previously whilst attempting to brush up my skills a few years back. A nice simple course with a firm offering a certificate that 'was the equivalent to an NVQ'. The candidate will be profficient in web standards and design blah blah blah. A good thing I thought, must be better than the free ones surely, tho I was skeptical of the certificate, it wasn't important to me, more the content and what I'd get out of the course. Turns out what i got out of the course was a feeling that I should be teaching it.  Even though I had gone in at entry level I still expected to learn something, maybe something that I'd missed or through bad habit had not used or done. Nope, nothing, if anything I came out feeling dumber. After reading the spiel before anyone would be forgiven of thinking that they would come out of the course believing they'd made their way on the start of the path that is the journey toward s becoming a web designer extraordinaire, actually what they'd done is spent (possibly grant) money on a year six IT lesson, though they had some ridiculous certificate for their troubles,  So, never again. I'm going P2P all the way (for now).

So I find myself here, at the beggining of the course, I'm sure I could skip a bit but again, what bad habits have I picked up since the last time I attempted any form of learing, no I should start on the first day of school with you, my new classmates and observers, ready to start and eager to learn and throw things at each other whilst virtual teacher is virtually not looking.   

So it's time to metaphorically decorate my books with wallpaper, sharpen my digital pencil, margin all the pages and start at the beginning. I shall see you at break time for a flapjack and a cheeky tab behind the quad.


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  • handwritten code
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  • school of webcraft
  • i'm live
  • Ok, last task, at this point I've pretty much given up running round commenting, but then there doesn't seem to be a massive call for it just yet, all that's been done now is look at FTP clients, pick one, upload the code from earlier. Read more >>
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