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  • newcastle based web design. responsive  cms, wordpress, silverstripe, social media and email marketing
  • newcastle based printed clothing design. stag and hen party, workwear, sports  and team and custom designs
  • newcastle based animator and vj. animations, ads and live shows

Newcastle based graphic and web design

Introducing me, Jonny. I'm a 30 something graphic and web designer based in Newcastle (previously North Shields) and this is my website. Hopefully if you scour this site you will get a feel for what it is I do and what it is I can do for you. Along with some information about the services I offer I'm including a blog section which will host some articles about what I do, techniques I use and more than probably some of the random thought I have from time to time. For you returning surfers you may recognise the change since you were last here, not only is it now fully responsive but the design is definitely a slice of me. I'm nearly done with the build, just a few pics to add (portfolio to finish) but you get the idea.

So without further ado I shall stop with this rambling text and let you get on to reading the other more relevant rambling texts. Should you wish to know more about me as a person then feel free to have a swizz at the 'me' section (my C.V. is in there also in case you fancy checking that out).

Note, just added the Soundcloud icon at the top, check it out...


  • portfolio
  • The Big Portfolio Con
  • 14/07/2014
  • So, here I am writing about the many misleading ways a portfolio can sucker people into thinking that they are picking a graphic designer with some creativity and merit and I cant really be sure I’ve even updated my own in a while. Read more >>
  • the design brief
  • The Design Brief
  • 08/05/2014
  • This article is intended only as a guide into how I go about creating my graphic design briefs, not all will be the same mind you this is not set in stone, some clients will need more in depth analysis, others will be a quick 2 minute chat. Read more >>
  • the graphic designer
  • The Graphic Designer
  • 07/05/2014
  • The role of me, the graphic designer is to interpret your brand and produce a clear aesthetic to put out there to your potential clients, consider me the visual mouth piece to your brand. Read more >>
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