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How do, welcome to the graphic design section of the news, hopefully I've have a few interesting articles on the subject of graphic design, it's meaning, application, methods or just some inane ramblings I've put together. I look forward to finding out if nothing else. I will be writing this pretty much as I would talk about it, so the analogies may be a little mental, the language may be a little coarse but that's just how this all comes together. I thought about writing this in my best corporate speak with a plethora of unnecessary vocabulary adorning the pages but then I remembered the people that talk like that are total douchebags who wish to seem more intelligent and important that they actually are. So, part of that last sentance notwithstanding, the rest of the words you shall read will hopefully be in an easy to understand format with some ropey anecdotes and bizarre metaphors.

If whilst reading you feel I have wrote something incorrect, or even offensive please keep your feelings to yourself and remember, offence is always taken, never given. 

  • the graphic designer
  • The Graphic Designer
  • The role of me, the graphic designer is to interpret your brand and produce a clear aesthetic to put out there to your potential clients, consider me the visual mouth piece to your brand. Read more >>
  • the design brief
  • The Design Brief
  • This article is intended only as a guide into how I go about creating my graphic design briefs, not all will be the same mind you this is not set in stone, some clients will need more in depth analysis, others will be a quick 2 minute chat. Read more >>
  • portfolio
  • The Big Portfolio Con
  • So, here I am writing about the many misleading ways a portfolio can sucker people into thinking that they are picking a graphic designer with some creativity and merit and I cant really be sure I’ve even updated my own in a while. Read more >>
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