So, you've made it through to the news section then. Hopefully it won't disappoint (though if I were you I wouldn't be expecting Pulitzer Prize winning writing). This section is all about what, how and why I do things, it (when I finish uploading/writing) will feature articles on what I do, my methods some in tutorial form for those in this industry, others in rant form as I come across case studies that piss me off enough to tell the world about how not to do things. These may just be extended rants from my twitter/facebook feeds that I feel deserve a more permanent place on the web than 140 characters to be missing in an hours worth of Farmville/spambot #teamfollowback shite that deem it nessecary to enema my timelines with their unhelpful requests for bails of fucking hay or software to get 1,000's of followers in a week (clue here, if the spambot that is raping your feed only has 1,500 followers after 3 weeks of being in your feed, the claims are false unfollow before you get internet herpes).

So that's articles, tutorials and rants, that's basically what to expect here, I'll try and keep the potty mouth down, I will, honest.




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  • graphic design
  • Graphic Design News
  • How do, welcome to the graphic design section of the news, hopefully I've have a few interesting articles on the subject of graphic design, it's meaning, application, methods or just some inane ramblings I've put together. Read more >>
  • web
  • Web Design News
  • Here is where you'll find my web design articles, I get the feeling that I'll have to revise these as the industry is a constantly evolving organic monster and what I write may soon become dated. Read more >>
  • vj
  • internal working of a vj
  • Where to begin with this blog, background on the cause, what I ate for brekky that day, chronological list of events leading up to gig time, hmmm, maybe if I could figure out what category I’m going to put it in to I’d stand a chance. Read more >>
  • music
  • Music News
  • So, as I'm going to be doing a few tracks and eps I think that it deserves a space in the news section rather than maybe getting round to writing a blogspot post. Read more >>
  • what next
  • what to do next
  • Right, well, this is an article I hoped I'd never have to write but none-the-less find myself typing these very words in some hope for answers and to serve as a warning to others. Read more >>
  • school of webcraft
  • School of Webcraft
  • Well then, here's a turn up for the books, some procrastination that has actuallly some benefit. Read more >>
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